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Bronze Equine Scupture Artist

Meet Blair

Blair received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude from the University of Memphis. She has been an Independent Graphic Designer & Artist in the Scottsdale Area for over 20 years.  Having learned to ride growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Blair introduced her daughter to the sport, and in doing so rediscovered her love of the equine shape and form.  Her studio Brown Eyed Filly was launched in 2011 to provide a platform for Blair to focus and explore her body of equine art.  Her current name of her studio is Blair C Dworkin Fine Art.

Horses are the central focus of Blair’s art. Her early works are dominated by functional pottery pieces, but her inspiration to start sculpting horses in 3D space came when she attended the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show several years ago. Looking to better capture the grace of her subjects, Blair began experimenting beyond elements of relief into sculpture on her portraits and vases in creating her own unique style. Blair has also recently added bronze sculpture to her portfolio of work. Her unique equine vases are very recognizable due to their uniqueness.

Sharing her passion with her daughter, Blair can frequently be found among the horses in the stable, both enjoying their presence and continuing to study their live form in the flesh as they give her velvety kisses.

With her own unique style, Blair ’s equine sculptures and jewelry offer a fresh take on the equine form.  With her elaborate manes and increasing depth, Blair’s work is instantly recognizable.  Her one of a kind equine sculptural vases and portraits have been collected and purchased by top breeders and even a few celebrities!  Receiving a warm reception among the community, Blair’s work has been featured in several international equine magazines and at numerous horse shows and thereafter accepted into several juried art shows. 

Blair maintains involvement in the equine community through various organizations including Healing Hearts Foundation, Camelot Therapy, Horse Rhythms Foundation, The Pyramid Society, Horseman’s Distress Fund, Smile Train, Horses Help and many more, helping to bring resources and support for the wider community.

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